Polina Filippova

Interdisciplinary artist based in London. I make interactive objects, videos and performances.


Almost There (2021)

A series of 5 interactive self-portraits that capture the emotional landscape of solitary living in between digital and physical space.

Framed screens, microprocessors, interactive systems, single-channel videos

5 interactive objects, 50×30×5 cm

June (2022)

Mixed media. Digitally printed video stills, wax, paper, pencil

30 miniature pieces, size varies (from 2x4.5cm)

Small Things I–V (2023)

Each piece from the Small Things series  is peek into a mundane daily action that each of us does, but we rarely see others doing them alone: from cleaning the fridge to idly laying in the bed. It’s is a joyful act of turning the familiar into a dollhouse replica of reality.

Single-channel videos, 2.5x3.5 cm matte screens, microprocessors, velvet

5 pieces, 21x31 cm each

Self-Portrait 01 (2021)
From “Almost There” series 

Framed screen, microprocessor, interactive system, single-channel video
50×30×5 cm

Blue Girl (2023)

Mixed media (wax, encaustic paint, digitally printed video stills and pastel on wood)

91x61x5 cm