Polina Filippova


Polina Filippova


I am a London-based artist working with interactive objects and video installations. I graduated with a Master’s degree from Royal College of Art in 2021. In 2022 I have been shortlisted for the UK New Artist of the Year prize. My work has been exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery, Cromwell Place, Royal Scotish Academy, at the REA art fair in Milan and other places.  My works are in private collections in the US, UK, Europe and the Middle East.

I use tools and languages of digital technology to talk about love, loneliness, sense of space, and my body.  I make interactive objects with screens, video installations and performances. My projects are semi-documental and based on records and catalogs of situations, objects, people, and myself in videos, sounds, texts, 3d-scans, pencil and pastel drawings.

Selected works

Small Things I–V, 2023

Single-channel videos, matte screens, microprocessors, velvet. 21x31 cm

A series of soft pillow-like objects with tiny screens. It’s a catalog of mundane daily actions we all do but rarely see others engaged in them: from cleaning the fridge to laying in the bed. Small Things is a joyful act of turning the familiar into a dollhouse replica of reality. More

June, 2022

Digitally printed video stills, wax, paper, pencil. 30 miniature pieces, size varies (from 2x4.5cm)

A series of miniatures that uses encaustic wax and digitally printed stills from documental footage of one woman’s summer month spent at home.

Almost There, 2021

Framed screens, microprocessors, interactive systems, single-channel videos. 5 interactive objects, 50×30×5 cm

A series of interactive self-portraits that capture the emotional landscape of solitary living in between digital and physical space. More

Still Lifes With A Single Girl, 2022

Video Installation

A digital museum of sentimental objects, where they are collected in the “objective” form of 3d maps. Like important memories, they infinitely play on repeat, fall apart, get overwritten and distorted, but never fully disappear. More