Polina Filippova

Interdisciplinary artist based in London. I make interactive objects, videos and performances.


Hi, I’m Polina.

I am an interdisciplinary artist, working across interactive art, video installations and painting. I hold a Master’s degree from Royal College of Art (2021), and am currently based in London. My work has been exhibited at the Saatchi gallery, Cynthia Corbette’s Gallery, the Mall Galleries, Menier Gallery, The Function Suite. I received an award “Focus On the Female” as an emerging artist (2021) and have been shortlisted for the UK New Artist of the Year prize (2022).

I use tools and languages of digital technology to talk about love, loneliness, sense of space, and my body.  I make interactive objects with screens, video installations and performances. My projects are semi-documental and based on records and catalogs of situations, objects, people, and myself in videos, sounds, texts, 3d-scans, pencil and pastel drawings.

In my work I attempt to uncover the new mental states, interactions and relationships, that appear because of the digital world, but have never been represented and comprehended. I search for a form that imagines a world where relationships with the digital could be intimate and deep. 
Open for projects and collabs, hit me up!