Polina Filippova

Interdisciplinary artist based in London. I make interactive objects, videos and performances.


Self-Portrait 04 (2021)
From ‘Almost There’ Series
Interactive object: wooden frame, matte screen, microprocessor, sensors, single-channel video

50x30x5 cm
Edition of 3

‘Almost There’ is a series of 5 interactive self-portraits that capture the emotional landscape of solitary living between digital and physical space. Time gets distorted, and a room becomes an extension of the body. Reality feels compressed as a face transmitted somewhere far away on a video call.

Each of the portraits in the series is a digital painting: slow videos on matte screens, installed in the wooden frames, hiding microcomputers and sensors. The visual aesthetics is inspired by old Dutch and Danish painting tradition, and by the video call’s low-quality image. The portraits react to a viewer coming closer, acknowledging her presence by a subtle movement. The connection never quite happens, as when we connect digitally.

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